Essure Coil Removal in Northern New Jersey

Essure is an in-office permanent sterilization procedure during which microinserts (made of fiber material, titanium, nickel) are introduced into the fallopian tubes via the uterine cavity (hysteroscopically). Unfortunately, countless of women have reported a number of issues after Essure placement such as pelvic pain, neurological symptoms, abnormal menstrual cycles.

The safety of Essure has been recently questioned and investigated by the FDA. As of December of 2018, Bayer has stopped selling the Essure device in the United States.

Our understanding of the pathophysiology of presumed pain after Essure procedure is evolving. In the meantime, different surgical approaches to Essure removal has been published in the medical literature.

Dr. Ghomi has been performing Essure removal successfully for a number of years. Most patients have experienced immediate improvement of their symptoms after treatment. To schedule a consultation at our urogynecology office in North Jersey, please call (862) 657-3150 or request an appointment through our secure online form.

How Are The Essure Coils Removed?

Dr. Ghomi performs Essure removal robotically. Three to four dime sized incisions are made on the abdomen. Using robotic instruments, the fallopian tubes containing the Essure coils are removed with extreme care. Special attention is given to ensure the entire coils are removed intact, especially in the uterine segment, i.e., the cornua.  The procedure takes 30-60 minutes to perform. Patients go home the same day. Recovery is expected to be  7-10 days. The procedure is considered to be minor. As in any surgical procedure, minor complications may arise including but not limited to bleeding and infection. Of course, there are no guarantees that Essure removal would result in resolution of symptoms.

Does Dr. Ghomi Perform “Essure Reversal”?

No. “Essure Reversal” procedure has gained a lot of attention in recent years. The Essure coils are removed and the tubes are reconnected to the uterus during Essure reversal. In theory Essure reversal might work. However, the fiber in the coils are designed to induce tremendous tubal damage and scarring. It is unclear whether the scarred portion of the uterus and the tube would function well after reversal. Reconnecting the intact tube to other part of the uterus has been proposed recently. It would be extremely unlikely for the tube to stay open after such technique. To our knowledge, there are no studies showing success after “Essure Reversal”. Most of claimed success after Essure Reversal appear to be anecdotal. We believe Essure Reversal is highly experimental and at this time we do not offer the procedure until its utility is supported by scientific research.

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If you are removing your Essure Coils, contact Dr. Ali Ghomi to discuss any questions you may have and what to expect. To schedule your Essure reversal, please call our urogynecology office in North Jersey at (862) 657-3150 or request an appointment online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Essure coils can be easily and successfully removed without the need for a hysterectomy.