Endometriosis Excision Surgery in North Jersey

Dr. Ghomi Specializes in the Surgical Treatment of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a chronic female condition which causes pelvic pain and infertility. Surgery is the only way to definitively diagnose endometriosis. Unfortunately, many women who suffer from endometriosis do not receive their diagnosis and appropriate surgery in a timely manner. This results in delayed treatment and repeat operations. Dr Ghomi performs endometriosis excision surgery in north New Jersey.

The best surgical technique to treat endometriosis remains the subject of interest and controversy since the 1980’s. There are two main techniques to address endometriosis: ablation (burning the lesions) and excision (removing the lesions). Medical research does not fully support excision of the endometriosis over ablation. Scientists made this recommendation based on studies which did not show an advantage of excision over ablation. However, supporters of excision surgery argue that prior studies were too small and low quality to draw any sound conclusions from. Moreover, it may not be feasible nor safe to “burn” when there is deep endometriosis. In other words, deep endometriosis requires careful dissection and complete excision to achieve pain relief.

Dr. Ali Ghomi specializes in treating endometriosis using da Vinci robotic endometriosis resection surgery. He is a nationally recognized gynecologic surgeon who sees patients from Bergen County, including Paramus, Hackensack, Ridgewood and Wayne.



How To Prepare For Endometriosis Surgery

Patients receive detailed instructions in the office as how to prepare for surgery. The most import thing to remember is to be fasted the day of surgery. Patients must not eat anything after midnight. They should avoid taking aspirin for two weeks and ibuprofen for few days before surgery to reduce risk of bleeding. Similarly, stop all supplements and vitamins for the same reason. It is important to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate (over-the-counter) early evening the night before surgery to ensure the bowel is fully emptied.

What to Expect After Endometriosis Surgery

Endometriosis surgery is an outpatient procedure. Patients leave the hospital the same day. Most patients will resume work within two weeks after surgery.

Dr. Ghomi collaborates closely with local and regional fertility specialists for optimal surgical management of endometriosis prior to infertility treatment and IVF.

After surgery, patients receive comprehensive counseling about available medical therapy options. They also get fully educated about the benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy and acupuncture for pain management.

More Information on Endometriosis

For a more in-depth understanding of endometriosis read pelvic pain. Also, refer to www.acog.org site for more educational material.

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